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Review of Modern Warfare 3

Date Added: February 11, 2013 01:55:25 AM
Author: Sohrab
Category: Games & Entertainment
At last, the highly anticipated video game for 2011 has finally been launched. Indeed, the call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has been drastically transformed beyond every imagination. The first person shooter has no rival in terms of visual representation of every stage available in warfare. This is complement with the improved multiplayer modes which practically change the ever addicting multiplayer modes which practically change the ever addicting multiplayer modes to a new level. Every campaign played appropriate atmosphere enough of fire fights and complete bedlam. The multiplayer platform is reputed as the best in the series because it has been greatly improved upon.

To be more explicit, modern Warfare 3 is designed over a very old engine that appears visibly sharper. Meanwhile, a quantifiable figure of realistic fire fights and war creating mayhem are available at every point in time which effectively compensate the flaws. Additionally, the frame rate is running effectively hereby complementing the speed, precision and fluid motion of the monitors. Better still; the menus are similarly set just like any other games in the series but excluding the call of Duty Elite. This addition to the menu puts together all your stat’s and put’s in the easily understandable format. From there, you can obtain information such as who your killer is at what location, stats on the past events and several others. Without many doubt, every vital stat are easily available and obtainable for you whenever you need them.

Furthermore, Modern Warfare 3 actually sum up the entire storyline but following it could be tasting and interesting. As a result, water down the whole game as you have too many obvious actions flowing in like wave. Indeed, each of the 16 stages is effective in featuring very interesting game play. At same time, it saturates you with the application of a new leveling strategy and heart pounding attack. With consideration tot eh completion of fresh challenges, appropriate rewards are actually rolling in to sustain your involvement every now and then. The latest mode on the multiplayer scheme is killing confirmed. This is where you must evacuate the dead enemy dog tags for the purpose of getting credit for such killing. When compared to the initial multiplayer mode, this mode actually motivates team work.

Indeed, the single player mode is physically correct while the game play a fast, neat and exciting. The multiplayer mode is obviously what greatly enhances the game. Modern Warfare 3 is really inevitable for every gamers particularly those gamers who had previously find the service exciting. May pros and cons of call of duty modern warfare 3 are itemized below: Pros of Modern Warfare 3

- Several maps
- It comprises of ranking
- Significant improvement in spec ops
- Kill confirmed is nice
- The theater mode returns
- Feelings of black ops
- Mulz is designed to play quicker than Wniz
- There is opportunity to hide in one tiny building in the event of air strike and still survive 4.

The cons of Modern Warfare 3
- Guns have become a no match
- Wager matches are no more
- It depends on P2P hosting networking meaning that lag and ended games still rear its head
- The maps have similar convoluted layout with reference to the ruin city.